Shale Control Additives


PAC-HV is water-soluble polymer for water-based drilling fluids. It is effective in reducing the filtration rate of many water-based oil and gas drilling fluids. It can also be used to increase and stabilize viscosity to improve hole cleaning and suspension properties in a wide variety of fluid environments.

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PAC-LV is a polyanionic cellulose polymer for water-based drilling fluids. It effectively reduces the filtration rate of many water-based drilling fluids, especially solids-laden fluids, without causing significant increases in viscosity or gel strengths.

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PAC-R is a premium grade, purified, high viscosity, high molecular weight, polyanionic cellulose polymer designed to provide viscosity and reduce API filtration rate to water based drilling fluids.

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Gilsonite is an asphalt that exist naturally and is available in a range of softening points. It is suitable for as a high temperature high presure control for filtration in oil-based conditions. Due to its unique compatibility, Gilsonite is frequently used to harden softer petroleum products.

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PHPA is a specially treated high molecular weight Partially Hydrolyzed Polyacrylamide polymer for all water-based drilling fluids. It functions as viscosifying agent, shale and borehole stabilizer, encapsulator, bentonite extender, flocculation agent and assist with fluid loss control.

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EPISOL is a fluid loss agent compounded from oil-soluble polymers and modified asphalt. It can effectively control the fluid loss of oil-based drilling fluids, especially under HTHP conditions. It can be used in diesel-based, white oil-based, and synthetic-based drilling fluids at the same time and is less affected by different types of surfactants in the system.

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S-TROL3 is a shale inhibitor that can be effectively adsorbed onto the surface of clay to prevent damage to the oil/gas bearing zones caused by hydrated expansion and dispersion of water-sensitive minerals. It is suitable in a wide range of applications given its long-term effectiveness, simple usage, low dosage and erosion resistance to acids, salts, alkalis and oil water.

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