Drilling Detergents


SOL DD1 is a blend based on natural solvent. It is designed to give optimum grease solvency properties.

Technical Data Sheet – English


SOL DD2 is a blend based on new generation environmentally friendly surfactants that are readily biodegradable.

Technical Data Sheet – English


SOL DD3 is a mixture of green surfactants and natural extracts, which is eco-friendly and easy to biodegrade. It has excellent permeability, emulsification and ability to remove insoluble substances such as crude gum and asphaltene.

Technical Data Sheet – English

Technical Data Sheet – Chinese

Mutual Solvent

Mutual Solvent is a surfactant blend which is miscible with base fluids. It is recommended for removing oil wet solids from casing prior to displacing the hole to clean brine. It is also effective as a pipe dope remover prior to pickling operations.

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