SOLCIDE 101 is a broad-spectrum, high-efficiency, low-toxic antiseptic and mildew biocide. It can inhibit the reproduction of microorganisms and slow down the putrefaction due to bacteria. It does not contain metal components and does not corrode metals. It is suitable for neutral, weakly alkaline and alkaline working environments.

Technical Data Sheet – English


THPS is a biocide effective against micro pest in industrial cooling systems, oil field operations, and paper-making industry. The advantage is that it will soon degrade to a nontoxic substance immediately after use. In 1997, the product passed the attestation in the United States of America and was formally put into use in the field of environmental protection. In the same year, it was awarded with American Green Chemicals Award.

Technical Data Sheet – English


Glutaraldehyde is a micro biocide with broad range activity against bacteria, algae and fungi.

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