We provide comprehensive value-added manufacturing and blending services to our clients through a wide range of industrial solutions.

With significant experience in purchasing, manufacturing, transportation, and storage, we bring value to the supply chain by integrating processes to help our clients save costs and maximise resources.

Our Strengths & Capabilities

  • Effective consolidation of supply chain processes to optimise efficiency
  • Protection of intellectual property and rights through reliable information management
  • Experienced chemical engineering and manufacturing teams
  • Comprehensive processing equipment and instruments
  • Rigorous quality control policies at every stage
  • Fully-equipped qualitative/quantitative analytical laboratory

Contract Services


  • Oil-based, water-based and/or powder blending


  • Industrial processing and synthesis of specialty products


  • Solid and liquid repacking

Support Services

  • Supply of raw materials
  • Packaging & labelling
  • Re-conditioning of used drums/tanks
  • Laboratory analysis
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