Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Policy

We, at Solent Chemicals are strongly committed to our HSE principles.

  • Conduct our business with respect and care for the people and environment with emphasis on integrity, business ethics, health, operational safety, and environmental protection.
  • Improve our business processes with strict compliance to legal or regulatory requirements and appropriate international standards.
  • Provide the necessary resources and an environment that is open and transparent for communication of HSE matters.

The implementation of this HSE management system is established through:

  • Developing a quality culture where tasks are performed right the first time and every time.
  • Ensuring that the HSE rules and procedures are transparent and realistic.
  • Provision of the HSE required resources, being personnel and equipment.
  • Provision of sound and adequate channels of communication.
  • Provision of HSE directed training and education.
  • Compliance with legal obligations.
  • Monitoring HSE performances by audits.

Everyone in Solent Chemicals has the responsibility to exercise maximum care for their work environment, abide by HSE procedures and actively participate in the company’s HSE programmes.  Together, the team strives for constant improvement and innovation – making Solent Chemicals a more dynamic, exciting and safer place to work.

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