Shale Control Additives


PAC HV is water-soluble polymer for water-based drilling fluids, effectively reduce the filtration rate of many water-based oil and gas drilling fluids and may also be used to increase and stabilize viscosity to improve hole cleaning and suspension properties in a wide variety of fluid environments.



PAC-LV is a polyanionic cellulose polymer for water-based drilling fluids. It effectively reduces the filtration rate of many water-based drilling fluids, especially solids-laden fluids, without causing significant increases in viscosity or gel strengths.



PAC-R is a premium grade purified high viscosity, high molecular weight, polyanionic cellulose polymer designed to provide viscosity and reduce API filtration rate to water based drilling fluids.


Black Gem (Gilsonite)

Black Gem is an asphalt that exist naturally and is available in a range of softening points. It is suitable for as a high temperature high presure control for filtration in oil-based conditions. Due to its unique compatibility, Black Gem is frequently used to harden softer petroleum products.



PHPA is a specially treated high molecular weight Partially Hydrolyzed Polyacrylamide polymer for all water-base drilling fluids. It functions as viscosifying agent, shale and bore-hole stabilizer, encapsulator, bentonite extender, flocculation agent and assist with fluid loss control.


Shale Inhibitor

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